How the Onduladus came about or was born

Imagine telling your friends and family that you were going to invest all your money into a hair-styling product in a time when everyone was talking about brushes and straighteners. Many said it was crazy, but whenever we used an imported product, we thought, "Wow, what a difference! because in Brazil it is really difficult to have such a product like that!"

It was at this moment that we decided to manufacture a product that would make all the difference when it comes to curly and wavy hair, and there came about our first product, the Onduladus Finisher. We only had the finisher for 3 years and in that time, we saw the need to expand our line that today has 19 items, all produced with the highest technology and dedication. We are passionate about what we do and believe in the power and transformation that the wavy curls can do in our lives as well as the lives and self-esteem of our customers.